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Cole Grolmus

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The Evolution of Cybersecurity Services public

The Evolution of Cybersecurity Services

A special report on the impact of Google Cloud's acquisition of Mandiant and the convergence of next-generation cybersecurity services.
Cybersecurity Services 1 min read
Bravo, Thoma Bravo public

Bravo, Thoma Bravo

A deeper look into Thoma Bravo, the audacious private equity firm that's reshaping the cybersecurity ecosystem.
Mergers and Acquisitions 14 min read
The Mirage of Mandiant public

The Mirage of Mandiant

Mandiant's run as an independent company has come and gone, but an exciting future lies ahead within Google Cloud.
Mergers and Acquisitions 23 min read
Earnings: February 2022 Recap public

Earnings: February 2022 Recap

Recapping a busy month of annual earnings announcements and their impact on the cybersecurity ecosystem.
Earnings 14 min read
What Is Security? public

What Is Security?

Understanding the true meaning of security and its impact beyond the cybersecurity industry.
Theory 14 min read
1Password's Blue Ocean Strategy public

1Password's Blue Ocean Strategy

A deep dive into 1Password's strategy and future after its massive Series C funding announcement.
Case Studies 26 min read
Rhetoric, Reality, and Riots public

Rhetoric, Reality, and Riots

Exploring the Online Disinhibition Effect and the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Theory 19 min read
CrowdStrike and the Bundling of Cybersecurity public

CrowdStrike and the Bundling of Cybersecurity

CrowdStrike is bundling the cybersecurity ecosystem in a way that's never been done before. This article examines their strategy, its impact on the industry, and their future growth potential.
Earnings 14 min read
Cybersecurity is Going Public public

Cybersecurity is Going Public

An overview of public cybersecurity companies, trends in performance, and IPO activity within the ecosystem.
Public Companies 8 min read
Mapping the Cybersecurity Ecosystem public

Mapping the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

An introduction to the cybersecurity ecosystem mapping project. It's time to reframe our view of cybersecurity and move our thinking from industries to ecosystems.
Ecosystems 5 min read
ForgeRock's IPO, Identity Crisis, and Path Forward public

ForgeRock's IPO, Identity Crisis, and Path Forward

ForgeRock had a long and arduous journey toward its IPO: 11 years, $233.7 million in funding, and three CEOs. This is a deeper look at ForgeRock's path to IPO and post-IPO trajectory.
IPOs 12 min read
Okta and Auth0: Results, Challenges, and Opportunities public

Okta and Auth0: Results, Challenges, and Opportunities

A look inside the story of Okta and Auth0 shortly after the acquisition closed. Thoughts on how Okta can capitalize on the excitement and opportunity of an industry-changing acquisition and overcome the chaos, confusion, and risk that comes with it.
Earnings 13 min read
Welcome to Strategy of Security public

Welcome to Strategy of Security

Strategy of Security's mission is to provide perspectives for modern cybersecurity professionals. Its purpose is to help you find your way to the top of the field — however the journey looks for you.
Open Letters 4 min read
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