Cole Grolmus

Cole Grolmus

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Demystifying Cybersecurity’s Public Companies public

Demystifying Cybersecurity’s Public Companies

It's a lot harder to come up with a list of public cybersecurity companies than you'd think. Here are the reasons why, plus an honest attempt to get the list right.
Public Companies 7 min read
Okta's Cinderella Story public

Okta's Cinderella Story

Okta can still be a Cinderella story. If they can get their own security right, history will look back on this as the low point before a happy ending.
Public Companies 9 min read
The Endless Pursuit of the Ecosystem public

The Endless Pursuit of the Ecosystem

It isn't possible to fully understand the cybersecurity ecosystem, but that's the only motivation you need to keep trying.
Ecosystems 4 min read
The Cybersecurity Revolutions public

The Cybersecurity Revolutions

Rak Garg is the Oracle who gave us cybersecurity estates. Take the red pill, bend the spoon, and break free from the simulation.
Ecosystems 8 min read
No Way Out: The Changing World of Cybersecurity Exits public

No Way Out: The Changing World of Cybersecurity Exits

Cybersecurity has too many companies with high valuations for all of them to have successful exits. Good strategic choices can ease the pain and set us on a trajectory higher than ever before.
Trends 7 min read
Why We're Stuck With Passwords public

Why We're Stuck With Passwords

Passkeys are the future, but the future is definitely not evenly distributed yet. We're all stuck with passwords until a lot more companies offer passkeys.
Trends 5 min read
Cisco’s Cybersecurity Shopping Spree (Part 1) public

Cisco’s Cybersecurity Shopping Spree (Part 1)

The first of a two-part series about the past, present, and future of Cisco's cybersecurity business after its game-changing acquisition of Splunk.
Mergers and Acquisitions 6 min read
The Evolution of Cybersecurity Services public

The Evolution of Cybersecurity Services

A special report on the impact of Google Cloud's acquisition of Mandiant and the convergence of next-generation cybersecurity services.
Cybersecurity Services 1 min read
Bravo, Thoma Bravo public

Bravo, Thoma Bravo

A deeper look into Thoma Bravo, the audacious private equity firm that's reshaping the cybersecurity ecosystem.
Mergers and Acquisitions 14 min read
The Mirage of Mandiant public

The Mirage of Mandiant

Mandiant's run as an independent company has come and gone, but an exciting future lies ahead within Google Cloud.
Mergers and Acquisitions 23 min read
Earnings: February 2022 Recap public

Earnings: February 2022 Recap

Recapping a busy month of annual earnings announcements and their impact on the cybersecurity ecosystem.
Earnings 14 min read
What Is Security? public

What Is Security?

Understanding the true meaning of security and its impact beyond the cybersecurity industry.
Theory 14 min read
1Password's Blue Ocean Strategy public

1Password's Blue Ocean Strategy

A deep dive into 1Password's strategy and future after its massive Series C funding announcement.
Case Studies 26 min read
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