The Rise of Security Augmentation

An exploration into the promise of security augmentation and a model for implementing it.
Human Layer Security

This week's article is a special collaboration with Tessian. I'm helping to celebrate the launch of Human Layer Security, a new online magazine about the changing world of cybersecurity.

I first wrote about Tessian back in November 2021 following their Human Layer Security Summit event. Little did I know, they were planning to launch a full-blown publication around the topics of people, social engineering, security culture, training, and insider threats.

The intersection of people, technology, and security has been a longtime professional interest of mine. When given the opportunity to team up for a contributed article, it was a no-brainer.

This is a piece about the promise of security augmentation and a model for implementing it. We've all been convinced that automation is the solution to our problems. But augmentation is what we really need. We just don't know it yet…

Head on over to the brand new Human Layer Security website to check out the full article:

The Rise of Security Augmentation | Human Layer Security
Cole Grolmus, author and consultant at Strategy of Security, explains why technologists need to consider augmentation alongside automation.
Human Augmentation
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