Strategy of Security analyzes the business and strategy of cybersecurity. Its mission is to provide thoughtful and practical perspectives for founders, investors, and security leaders.

A few of the topics Strategy of Security covers are:

  • Broad trends and events across the cybersecurity industry and ecosystem.
  • Specific cybersecurity companies and products, ranging from public companies to startups.
  • Concepts, theories, and case studies that explain the underlying strategic principles relevant to the industry.

Publishing includes free articles and social media commentary.


Hi, I'm Cole Grolmus. I study and write about the business and strategy of cybersecurity. I consult with startups, investors, and tech companies on strategic cybersecurity projects. I'm also a Senior Advisor to the research team at Momentum Cyber.

Previously, I worked at PwC for 12 years in the Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Risk practice. I started as an intern and left as a director. PwC was ranked as the top cybersecurity consulting provider in the world by ALM during my final year at the firm.

My work at PwC included cybersecurity assessment, strategy, implementation, and operations projects for several iconic companies. I led large, specialized teams solving complex cybersecurity problems with multi-million dollar investments.

I had the fortune of learning from respected cybersecurity leaders, including Fortune 100 Chief Information Security Officers and a former Deputy Director of the FBI.

Following my time at PwC, I co-founded a technology startup focused on analytics and automation for Agile and DevOps teams. Our customers included large enterprises, boutique consulting firms, and growth companies.

I attended the University of Iowa for my undergrad, majoring in Management Information Systems. I received an MBA from the University of Minnesota, emphasizing in technology and strategy. I am a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).


To get in touch about working with me as a consultant, speaker, or other capacity, please e-mail directly. I use a security and privacy focused email service. You can also follow me on Twitter. My DMs are open.

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