The Evolution of Cybersecurity Services

A special report on the impact of Google Cloud's acquisition of Mandiant and the convergence of next-generation cybersecurity services.
The Evolution of Cybersecurity Services

I'm excited to announce the release of Momentum Cyber’s special report on the evolution of cybersecurity services. This is the first in-depth report we're releasing as part of my Senior Advisor role on the firm's research team.

There has never been a more exciting time for this sector of the market. Google Cloud’s $5.4 billion acquisition of Mandiant, one of two public cybersecurity companies with significant services revenue, was a signature move that will impact the entire industry for years to come. This special report focuses on the impact of this deal on the industry and what to expect next.

Key Report Discussion Topics

  • The impact of Google Cloud’s $5.4B acquisition of Mandiant, along with the impact of this landmark deal on the industry and what to expect next
  • The convergence of next-generation cybersecurity services
  • Analysis of key players in the cybersecurity services market by sector
  • Breakdown of emerging trends in the cybersecurity services landscape
  • Special contributions from Charlie Thomas (Deepwatch CEO), Aaron Sandeen (Securin CEO), Michael Aiello (Secureworks CTO), and Dave DeWalt (NightDragon Founder)

You can read the full 80 page report here — no email required:

Cybersecurity Services
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