Understand the business and strategy of cybersecurity.

Deep research and analysis on the companies, ideas, and trends shaping the cybersecurity ecosystem.
The Cybersecurity Revolutions

The Cybersecurity Revolutions

Rak Garg is the Oracle who gave us cybersecurity estates. Take the red pill, bend the spoon, and break free from the simulation.
Ecosystems 8 min read
No Way Out: The Changing World of Cybersecurity Exits

No Way Out: The Changing World of Cybersecurity Exits

Cybersecurity has too many companies with high valuations for all of them to have successful exits. Good strategic choices can ease the pain and set us on a trajectory higher than ever before.
Trends 7 min read
Why We're Stuck With Passwords

Why We're Stuck With Passwords

Passkeys are the future, but the future is definitely not evenly distributed yet. We're all stuck with passwords until a lot more companies offer passkeys.
Trends 5 min read
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